Our Story

The dough is made to a unique recipe, slowly proven and then hand stretched by us in front of the guests. Creating theatre as well as a genuine Neopolitan pizza experience.

The ingredients are imported from Italy to give you that genuine, original Naples pizza experience that can only be achieved by using San Marzano tomatoes which grow on the volcanic plains to the south of Mount Vesuvius and Mozzorella di Bufala Campana which is a protected designation of origin cheese made with the milk from Water Buffalo.

We are experienced mobile caterers that can work closely with you to make your special event as memorable and as delicious as possible.

There are two ways of serving our pizzas; for speed of service we recommend choosing four 10-inch pizzas from the menu and we will serve them on a table in front of our oven for your guests to try a slice of each, creating a fast moving queue.

The other way is to serve individual pizzas (10-inch) which takes a bit longer at approximately 30 seconds per pizza from the oven.

All pizzas are £12 per head for private events.


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